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We take work from home culture and expose its lovely and challenging parts for you.

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Email courses set up to help you learn about remote work.

How to transition to remote work

Here's a free 5-Day email course guiding you step by step on how to transition to remote work. From researching to pitching your boss to finding a job.

Our top tips for staying focused while WFH

Have you ever finished your workday and thought, wow, I barely got anything done! Well, pick up a few tips on maintaining a distraction free environment.


Fun quizzes because why not?

Is remote work right for you? Take our quiz!

It's a big question. But there's an answer. Once you submit your answers you'll receive personalized results on wether or not remote work would be a smart fit for you.


collections, because they make great resources. reach out to get featured!

Remote stack coming soon

Prepping to take your time remote or already doing so? Check out how top remote companies communicate, collaborate, hire, and plan. Feature your company.

Remote examples coming soon

A deep dive into the world's most innovative startups and companies and how they go about maintaining a healthy remote work culture. Feature your company.

Remote city coming soon

Is your city remote-friendly? Soon whether you're living or traveling within a city we'll give you the lowdown on how friendly and easy it is to navigate for a remote worker. Feature your city.

WFH coffee coming soon

We love coffee here. Over the years of working remote we've failed and won against brewing coffee daily. Check out our favorite coffee beans, tools, history, and resources. Feature your coffee setup.

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